Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Ahleh har koja ke baashee..." My best friend K is in town!!! I totally hoarded her all weekend and everyone is jealous, but never never, I did not get to visit her once in London so I figure it is fair.
On Saturday we went to lunch with Blondelle and Seeroos, to my new favorite Persian restaurant. It is in Westwood, it is called Shahrezad, and their Estamboli Polo is so awesome. So Blondelle had his first taste of Persian food and best friend had her first really good Persian food in a long while. When the check came, I put my card in the holder and set it down and Seeroos, sneaky half-Persian that he is, replaced mine with his when I was not looking. So yes, my boyfriend is the best.
After lunch we had pastries and then looked at books and paintings and bought some music and generally Persified ourselves. I got them all these awesome laminated books that teach you how to write the Farsi alphabet. But mostly I am teaching Seeroos to speak Farsi and when he says "Khoobam, toh khoobi?" or calls himself a "khers" or says "nazee, nazee" and pets my arm, I get so totally melty. Farsi is so awesome, kids.
Then last night, K and I went to the Andy concert at the Greek theater. Dasta bala, it was so fun! He sang all his classics and brought out skanky fake belly dancers and this chick Shani, who is completely white but unfortunately sang in Farsi and wore this unfortunate net outfit. He was awesome though, and Kouros (remember him?!) dropped by for a couple of duets. Rock and roll, Irooni-style!
I was kind of hoping he'd sing his song "Sepideh" but I settled for "Niloufar" and the ten jillion other songs I grew up being forced to dance to, but this time I actually wanted to dance. That's what growing up is all about, eh? Realizing that you kind of like the stuff your parents subjected you to all your life and maybe you shouldn't have been kicking and screaming and perhaps just shimmying.


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